How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Work Permit?

With all the needs that people have today, working is one of the most natural things in the world. Even people that have not reached the legal age yet are looking for work. Most parents encourage their children to start working at an early age. This is one of the ways that they are taught how to be responsible citizens. There are, however regulations that have been put in place to protect minors that are working. This is done by the issuance of a work permit. There are requirements that should be met before a work permit is given.

Age qualifications for a permit

A permit is a legal document that allows a minor to work in a certain job. There are specific rules that govern the issuance of a work permit. These are meant to protect minors.
The age for instance is specified for anyone looking to get a work permit. Minors from the age of 12 to 17 are the ones qualified to get a work permit. They’re however some exceptions. Someone that is working in the entertainment industry can receive a work permit even if they are under the age of 12. There are basic regulations that are established across the board. There are however some that may vary from one state to another


There are also some jobs that may not require a work permit. These are clearly specified. Someone that chooses to work in the agricultural sector for instance does not need a work permit neither does an industrial worker. A minor that is babysitting or doing other jobs in a private home also doesn’t need a permit. That means if a minor is looking to start gardening for the next door neighbor, there is no need to get a work permit. There are also other jobs like working in a family owed company or business and self employment where a permit will not be required. This is something that one can check on before applying for a permit.
Other requirements

It is also essential to find out what other requirements are needed in order for a minor to obtain a work permit. For instance, keeping a good attendance at schools is required. When applying for a work permit, it must go through the school authority first. There are some things that the schools must agree on first. The school authority for instance must decide if the job that is being applied for is suitable for the minor. If they don’t think that is true, then they can decide not to process the permit. This is to protect minorities from getting exposed to some unsuitable environments.

A work permit is valid for only one job. This means that a minor must get a permit every time they want to get a new job. If one leaves their current job, then their permit expires with it. There are also some other regions that will have different regulations when it comes to the expiration of the permit. For instance in some regions the permit may expire after schools open which means a new one must be gotten even if it’s the same job. The process forgetting a permit has been made simpler with options for online applications.